Dec 11, 2009

The Electric Bunnies - 2009 - Through The Magical Door

The Electric Bunnies - 2009 - Through The Magical Door
"The Electric Bunnies have been both praised and panned for the eclectic nature of their singles and with their first full length the naysayers should be silenced. This is their most cohesive release to date with 11 tracks which weave in and out of each other working more as two side then as 11 free standing songs. This is seriously amodern psychedelic masterpiece. A concept album without the pretense which comes off like a trip through an exotic paradise. This album comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with four inserts. More bang for your buck."

Artist: The Electric Bunnies
Title: Through The Magical Door LP
Country: USA
Release Date: Nov 2009
Genre: Experimental
Label: Florida's Dying
Cat.#: FDR-27
Quality: 192 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Stereo

01. Sailing All Alone Tonight [03:24]
02. Marigold Flower [01:37]
03. You're Not Just Eating Pancakes [04:45]
04. Catfish [02:32]
05. Through the Magical Door [01:47]
06. The Green Octopus [03:26]
07. What's Your Favorite Thing? [02:38]
08. Psychic Lemonade [02:38]
09. A Snowman On the First Day of Spring [05:00]
10. Cross the Street [01:45]
11. Sweet Dreams My Dear Esmeralda [06:26]



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