Apr 11, 2010

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts (iDEAL, 2006)


Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts is the second album to be released by Gothenburg's Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words for the dependably abrasive ideal imprint. As noise music goes this is markedly less furious and angry sounding than most, in fact it probably veers more towards desolation and depression than any of the more combustive properties you might associate with more Merzbow influenced end of the scale. First track proper 'If You Touch Me I Will Disappear' sounds like the last moments of consciousness before an opium-fuelled trip to oblivion, while 'Hope/less/loss' (the track titles are less than cheery) evokes some infernal train journey with its muddied clanks and buffeting. Offering a glimpse of something more hopeful, 'Tell Me That You Feel The Same' is more of an ambient piece, consisting of eroded chord changes, and a cumulative sense of optimism ushering the record to a close.



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