Apr 15, 2010

Deerhoof - Live Koalamagic (Dual Plover, 2001)


"live, half-hour-long Koalamagic serves up one long and four short tracks from the group over four years' time. Only bassist/singer Satomi and drummer Greg appears on all tracks, making the disc a sort-of band historas alternate arrangements and lineups came and went. The long cut at the start is actually seven or eight tracks from a 2000 show cut as one combined track without any edits, featuring the turn-of-the-millennium trio lineup of the group finding their own stop-start crumble and crunch metier. Greg is arguably the most prominent member here, his blasting clashes on his kit slipping through tempos and fills just as he pleases without diluting the energy, though guitarist John, who proved a smart recruitment for the group, comes up with great abbreviated riffs and squalls. Satomi herself projects the spirit of a winsome singer crossed with caffeinated genes as she pleases -- the initial shift from high-pitched aggression to sweet calm is downright startling -- but for the most part relies on subtlety even as she and her compatriots fire things up. Meanwhile, the band's dips into classic rock raunch for seconds at a time make for a disorienting experience that's still pretty cool -- it's almost like a Led Zeppelin sound check that's meant to sound that way, only with a different singer. The remaining numbers are enjoyable enough dips into Deerhoof's disorienting sound; "Insist," featuring the same lineup as the lead track, is a fairly monstrous slab of post-punk doom gone epic, while the 1996-era medley concluding the disc encapsulates chaos in six minutes flat. Satomi does a nice job rocking the bells at points, to be sure."
--Ned Raggett, All Music Guide.

Apr 11, 2010

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts (iDEAL, 2006)


Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts is the second album to be released by Gothenburg's Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words for the dependably abrasive ideal imprint. As noise music goes this is markedly less furious and angry sounding than most, in fact it probably veers more towards desolation and depression than any of the more combustive properties you might associate with more Merzbow influenced end of the scale. First track proper 'If You Touch Me I Will Disappear' sounds like the last moments of consciousness before an opium-fuelled trip to oblivion, while 'Hope/less/loss' (the track titles are less than cheery) evokes some infernal train journey with its muddied clanks and buffeting. Offering a glimpse of something more hopeful, 'Tell Me That You Feel The Same' is more of an ambient piece, consisting of eroded chord changes, and a cumulative sense of optimism ushering the record to a close.

Apr 10, 2010

With Love - A Great Circle (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2006)


A strange beast this, apparently 'With Love' used to be some kind of DIY punk/slashy rock band, but have recently mutated into the sound we hear today. What we can hear on 'A Great Circle' bears little connection with lo-fi punk, instead we have a noisy abstract throb closer to the sound of Black Dice or New York art rockers Liars. This is no bad thing, I don't think I was really in the mood for punk at this time of day, and 'A Great Circle' is a fabulous record. It's not what I was expecting and I think that's what makes it interesting, I always found Black Dice a little grating but 'With Love' have got their story straight as such, they know what they're doing and it shows. As shards of noise fire past subterranean drones and dissonant noise you can tell it's a band having fun and passing on that fun to the listener - it's a very involving album. Even more interestingly, the second half of the album is presented as a bonkers DVD film... how punk is that?!
 -- boomkat

i don't who are these guys. just another unknown noisy band from good label.


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