Nov 25, 2009

Sun Ra

Sun Ra - 2009 - The Antique Blacks

Recorded in 1974 and unavailable since 1978, The Antique Blacks begins as one of Sun Ra's most soulful and spiritual albums. Set apart from some of his Arkestra's most abstract work, 'Song No. 1' opens the album with sprightly electric piano riffing and shuffling, tribal-style drumming, while its follow-up 'There Is A Change In The Air' proves to be grounded in a similar palette, although here the piece is punctuated by spoken-word passages and wild outbreaks of sax soloing and wah-wah guitar. Sun Ra's rocksichord playing seems to be the musical lynchpin throughout the album, but it's when he plugs in his Moog that the album really spirals off into the realms of lunacy: 'Would I For All That Were' enters into a dark, heavy free-noise domain that's all-but stripped of musical logic, and this is pursued even further during 'You Thought You Could Build a World Without Us', which combines roving, almost Merzbow-like tones with explosive drumming and cosmological ramblings from the great man.

Artist: Sun Ra
Title: The Antique Blacks
Country: UK
Release Date: 21.11.2009
Genre: Avantgarde
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Joint Stereo

01. Song No. 1 08:51
02. There Is Change In The Air 10:57
03. The Antique Blacks 03:38
04. This Song Is Dedicated To Natures God 03:57
05. The Ridiculous 04:42
06. Would I For All That Were 02:55
07. Space Is The Place 08:10
08. You Thought You Could Build A World Without Us 09:10

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