Jan 20, 2010

Anna Kashfi - 2010 - Survival

Anna Kashfi is also the name of a band from Manchester based around the core duo of singer Sian Webley and multi-instrumentalist and producer James Youngjohns. Together they play dreamy, melancholic music that crackles with the memories of past mistakes, missed opportunities and the emotional games played by lovers in battle. Their new album 'Survival' (out January 18th 2010) reflects the duality and tragedy of the real-life Anna Kashfi. It's about that sense of characters being vulnerable to the whims of the world and circumstance, of the thin-line between existing and being wiped-out forever. Many of Webley's words unpick the conflicts between lovers and the emotional battles played out in relationships and she builds on those games with 'Devil's Bridge'. A duet, of sorts, with Robert Fisher of kindred spirits Willard Grant Conspiracy, the song relates the story of how the townsfolk of a Tuscan town tricked the devil into building their bridge for free.

Anna Kashfi - 2010 - Survival

Artist: Anna Kashfi
Title: Survival
Country: UK
Release Date: 25.01.2010
Genre: Acoustic / Experimental
Label: Little Red Rabbit
Cat.#: LRR015
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Joint Stereo

01. A Lonely Place [03:20]
02. Glass House [03:39]
03. The Loser's Prize [02:04]
04. Drinker's Song [04:07]
05. Red Rag Doll [02:30]
06. Devil's Bridge [04:50]
07. String Loop [04:51]
08. Bumblebee [02:22]
09. Your Baby [02:21]
10. 1936 [05:02]
11. Chain Of Command [05:26]
12. The Church Of The Village Green [05:01] 



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